PayBack Time Referral Program is back!

We are bringing back PayBack Time referral program for 2020 to help encourage end-users to share their Riomax® results with others and drive more business to your dealership!

  • Current customer end-user referrals only
  • Paid for referral for first time customers on first order
  • $50/ton on orders 2-9 ton
  • $100/ton on orders of 10 ton or more
  • Make sure to fill out the New Customer? Referred By? section at the bottom of the sale registration to let us know we need to send out a referral check to your customer
  • Note that the new customer is still eligible for current promotion and quantity discounts

Ranchers telling ranchers and everyone winning together! After all, if it’s good for the rancher, good for the dealer, and then and only then it’s good for the brand!  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-762-3299 or